Language Learning and Skills Development

Free English language training and skills development classes to persons who are 18 years of age or older who are Permanent Residents of Canada (formerly referred to as Landed Immigrants), Convention Refugees or people who have received ‘approval in principal’ to remain in Canada. The objective of this program is to help clients attain the English proficiency they need to function and participate in all aspects of Canadian society. This training will facilitate the social, cultural, economic and political integration of newcomers to

You are not eligible for LINC if you are a Canadian citizen, Refugee Claimant, or a Temporary Resident (such as foreign student, foreign worker or visitor).

Prior to starting Classes, you must first take a language assessment by a qualified assessor. These assessments are done by appointment only. Assessments in Bradford are conducted at the BWG Library two times per month. You can be assessed at a different location Please contact us for assistance is setting up your assessment.

Classes run Monday to Friday from 9am to 2pm – 5 hours per day and 25 hours per week. Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) and transportation assistance is available.

Care for Newcomer Children (CNC): Through the Care for Newcomer Children (CNC) component of the LINC Program, on-site care for children of parents attending classes is provided. Spaces are limited.

Transportation Assistance: Reimbursement of BWG Transit fares for those clients who would otherwise not be able to access programming.

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