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Coming to Canada means adjusting to a new language, culture and lifestyle. The transition for newcomers when leaving their native country, family, friends, culture, traditions, etc. to Canada is often difficult & overwhelming.

Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada

In-person and remote/virtual assistance available.  Please call 905-775-3343 or email inquiries@bradfordimmigrant.ca 

Walk-ins welcome but appointments preferred.


Closed from Monday, December 26, 2022 to Friday, January 6, 2023.  Re-open on Monday, January 9, 2023.

The office is currently closed for the summer and will re-open on Wednesday, September 6, 2023.  You can still email us at inquiries@bradfordimmigrant.ca.  Emails will be checked periodically throughout the summer. Wishing you and your families a very happy summer.

Bradford Immigrant & Community Services (BICS) can help you with:

English as a Second Language Classes

Information, Referral and Advocacy

Translation & Interpretation

Settlement Assistance

Form Completions

Commissioning of Documents



Are you new to Canada? Do you want to meet other newcomers?

Families are welcome!

For more information, please contact BRADFORD IMMIGRANT & COMMUNITY SERVICES email programs@bradfordimmigrant.ca or call us at 905-775-3343

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Meet Up!
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Connect Up

County-wide newcomer “Connect Ups” using the “Meet Ups” model to connect newcomers in their communities and train them on how to continue to connect up with each other using the site.

Newcomer Connect Ups increase connectivity to other newcomers and services. Computer training will be provided on the basics of Connect Up groups and provide new skills that give them confidence and self-sustenance.

Newcomer Connect Ups will help decrease social isolation by providing opportunities for newcomers to connect with each other, share their stories within their community.

If you want connect with other newcomers please contact:
phone: 905-775-3343 or email: programs@bradfordimmigrant.ca

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Immigrant Support Group


Meets virtually the second and last Wednesday of the month via Microsoft Teams from 6pm-8pm

Download flyer for more information on the Immigrant Support Group (PDF)

Integration to Canadian Society Program

The Integration to Canadian Society Program is geared specifically for newcomers. Read More

Download flyer for more information on the Integration to Canadian Society Program (PDF)


Located between Toronto and Barrie in the county of Simcoe, Bradford West Gwillimbury has a population of over 35,000 people and is expected to continue to grow in the upcoming years.


There are some very important factors to consider before choosing a community to settle in. Finding a place to settle that offers good jobs, daycare, schools & housing can be a stressful decision.


Canada offers quality education for children and adults alike. Education is a very important part of our lives as it prepares us for employment and is vital for economic and social growth.

English as a Second Language

Learning English is one of the first steps to integration into Canadian society for many newcomers to Canada.


April 29,2011
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Thank you for all the support and trust during all the period that my family was there! My wife and kids are the most important people in my life . . . and if they are happy, I am happy . . . and definitely you, by providing such a friend and family oriented environment, contributed to their development and beautiful time there. Obrigado Novamente!
June 13, 2011
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I would like to thank Bradford Immigrant & Community Services for having my wife in the LINC Program. Over the past few months, I’ve noticed a great advancement in her English skill set. She also enjoyed the positive and professional education environment that she received at your education centre. Thank you again for a great education experience for my wife. It was a pleasure to meet you all.
Nov 2, 2022:
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Any time I asked for help at BICS, all teachers and the manager gave me the support. I always will be grateful for it. Always BICS will be in my heart. I had a very excellent experience and am very satisfied. The staff are very good and very cooperative. Manager is very professional and very, very helpful. She guides me in every step and I appreciate that. Manager worked with me one-on-one in getting my PR and Citizenship documents together. She answered my questions in a timely manner and I appreciate the assistance because I was very anxious as a newcomer and didn’t know where to start with the process. She sent me many useful resources and instructions to submit both applications. Manager goes above and beyond with myself and my family members. She’s knowledgeable, caring and amazing! Thank you.
Nov 24, 2021
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The Manager is such a kind and helpful lady when I visited for the first time. She helped me out beyond my expectations. When I was new to this country and knew nothing, she helped me a lot to settle down. I really appreciate her attitude, skills and the way she took care of us. Wish her the best
Nov 14, 2021
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I feel at home whenever I attend Bradford Immigrant & Community Services. If you have just arrived in Canada and live in Bradford, I recommend you go there. You will feel like you’re at home. There are great people out there who are always trying to help you
Nov 13, 2021
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I used to use English classes and I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the class and the teacher's methods and the environment. The Manager has been helping me with almost everything I need from choosing English class to applying for citizenship and etc. She is so nice, patient and knowledgeable and I'm so happy and extremely satisfied with her service. Thank you.
Oct 25, 2021
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I am extremely happy with the excellent personal service provided to me by the centre Manager. Because I currently do not live in Bradford I called my friend from another organization in Bradford who refereed me to BICS. I looked up the phone number and left a phone message that evening! I was very nervous due to the urgency of my situation. The next morning, the manager was quick to return previous call. I was very pleased with the response time. During my interaction with her she was always very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend the Manager’s excellent work ethic and personalized service. It is my believe that she went above and beyond her responsibilities and her work schedule in order to help me with the situation I was dealing with and because of that I am very grateful and will not hesitate to refer your office or use your services again if and when needed. Thank you for the excellent service, thank you for your kindness and for making a difference. Thank you for having touched my heart.